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I Don't Use Supplements or Believe in Fitness Gimmicks

What I mean by supplements are those products promising a fit and healthy body simply by using whatever is in the bottle. I surely don't believe wrapping my midsection with herbs will reduce my waist size either. I guess you could call me highly skeptical when it comes to fitness gimmicks. I really have to believe in a product to endorse or promote it and this is a rare occasion.

Products guaranteeing increased fat burning, muscle size, and super powers receive a raised eyebrow from me. I say let's see the research to back up your claims. Supplements and pseudo-fitness products are unregulated so companies market with the lure to sell. Sadly, they lack adequate clinical studies so we are left in the dark regarding safety, purity, and effectiveness. Also, they can come with harmful side effects.

The next time you pick up a bottle of fitness magic, take a close look at the label. You will find in fine print the following: "results obtained when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise program."  BAM! What is the point of wasting money? Once a healthy diet and exercise program are implemented results will follow. This will happen without taking whatever is in that bottle.

Of course, any supplementation is a personal choice. I'm not a downer on all
things that could improve our health and wellness. In some instances, and if prescribed by a physician, supplements may be necessary for some people. I do indulge in the occasional protein shake, take vitamins fairly regularly, and use glucosamine for reduced joint pain. This is more for my general health and not something to enhance my appearance. I have also completed extensive research on all the products I take. I don't believe drinking a protein shake is going to create muscle without work for example. If I feel cold symptoms coming on, I will take additional vitamin C to boost my immunity system. 

The primary source of my nutrient intake comes from what I eat daily and not by using dietary supplements. Because I consume a wide variety of nutrient dense foods, I feel confident my required daily allowances are being met. I fuel my workouts with healthy carbs, recover my body with lean proteins, and protect my cellular function with healthy fats.  

I lift weights as part of my exercise program and don't feel I need an over abundance of protein to increase my lean muscle mass. I eat my share of chicken breast but stick to a regular portion size per meal. I don't drink several protein shakes each day thinking this is going to improve my body. That is just crazy and would do nothing but tax my organs and create a constipation issue.

The demands I place on my body through exercise do require more calories obtained from all macronutrients. I simply focus on eating healthy several times per day to satisfy those needs. There is nothing magic about that and in fact maintaining a healthy body is pretty simple. It just requires eating right and consistent exercise.

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