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We Do What We Think Is Important

Did you know the brain is an organ that controls the functions of the body?  "It is sometimes referred to as a muscle of thinking as the brain actually tells your muscles what to do." 

Often times we get in the way of our brain. It's trying to tell us to eat right, exercise, and get plenty of rest but we go full rebel on ourselves. Instead of listening to what we should do, we do what we think is important.

Health and fitness haven't made the important list for many of us. We are so caught up in doing things that never include workouts or cooking a healthy meal. We would rather sit with our faces buried in an illuminated screen with a bag of chips. Well, everyone has busy lives and there is someone busier than you working out right now.

When are we going to allow our brain to control our muscles during a great workout? Our body is not meant to sit in office chairs all day moving to the sofa for the remainder of the night. It's meant to be challenged, worked and exercised.

We need to get real and admit we're not taking responsibility for our health and fitness. Being overweight and poor lab results are not taken seriously. Walking around in denial applies to most of the population. We're pretending there isn't a problem. What?!

When we change our mindset is when our muscles start responding in positive ways. We need to do what is important not what we think is important. Your health equals happiness and a quality life. You will be able to do those other things with a healthier, stronger body.

If we don't make time for our health and fitness, illness will eventually make time for us. Life is too short to continue to get this mixed up. All in fitness love. Be well and Stay Healthy!

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