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Eat Like a Baby to Lose Weight and Get Healthy

Babies use nutrients to build and develop a healthy body. They have a built in alarm clock every two to three hours that cries out to be fed. They will also stop eating when they feel full eliminating the need to count calories. Babies eat to live naturally.

As adults, we can learn much from our precious infants. The nutrients they consume are usually quality coming straight from Mom’s milk, or formulas containing everything a growing body needs to be healthy. If we could only implement this nutritional strategy, we would be on our way to adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Sadly, the majority of eating is no longer about growing a strong healthy body. Quality nutrients have been replaced with processed fake food linked to obesity and disease.

We don't pay attention to our full barometer and consume too large of portions. We also fill our stomachs with foods that lack in nutritional value. Eating processed foods lacking in nutrients promotes inflammation in our blood stream, the root cause of most disease of the human body. We are eating way too much and making ourselves sick in the process.

Food is not only our fuel but also our medicine. Eating right can truly keep our body feeling top notch and healthy. Quality real foods can reduce our visits to the doctor and enable us to function at our best.

We have come full circle into a fight against healthy food. The majority of people are really pissed off about foods they shouldn't eat to stay healthy. The reason for this unfortunate issue comes straight from what sits on our grocery shelves. Marketing has a great way of presenting foods advertised as healthy but really are quite the opposite. Studies have shown major food producers are making us fat. This is a scary thought.

We can't fault the food companies entirely because we can choose to say no to processed, GMO (genetically modified organisms) products, and non-organic pseudo-foods. These types of food-like items do nothing but provide a momentary good flavor and add fat stores to our bodies.

Anything in a box, bag, or wrapper with ingredients unable to be understood is processed. If the item is marketed as low-fat, low-sugar or low-calorie consider it nothing but a chemical shit storm in a package.

There are some food items packaged and part of the organic and non-GMO certified programs. These food producers are getting it right and understand the importance of supplying this information to consumers. Just a little food education detour, now back to the Blog topic. 

Mastering our daily nutrition for fitness success will mean eating like a baby. Getting back to the basics with our healthy food, keeping it simple, and stress-free is important. It's time to stop over-complicating and just make the focus about eating healthy.

Forget about the chemical shit storms and reach for real organic foods: lean proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits, raw nuts and nut butter, plain Greek yogurts, and healthy fats are just a few of the healthy foods waiting for our purchase and consumption. Change out drinking soda for water and start getting excited about the vast amount of healthy food to choose from.

Personally, my hunger alarm goes off just the same as a baby close to the three-hour mark. I grab something healthy and satisfy that natural feeling. I don't count calories or even worry about doing so. What's important is feeding my body quality healthy food and eating just until I feel satisfied, never to the point of overfull. My body knows how much it needs because I listen to when I should stop eating.

Life was simpler when we were babies and the decisions made for us as we naturally cried out when we felt hungry. We were satisfied within 20 minutes with a boob or bottle full of nutrients. As adults, we can create a similar life by having healthy foods in our homes and eating when we feel hungry. Unfortunately and often we eat out of boredom or to fill an emotional void through unhealthy processed stuff. Our mental game around food definitely needs improvement.  Wouldn't you agree? 

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Be well and Stay Healthy



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