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So many of us have a hard time accepting the great things about ourselves, the accomplishments achieved, the results gained, and instead zero in on what we think is negative.  I have to admit that I am guilty of this on occasion and I know my hubby would like to beat me over the lack of “mental game” head when I have a vocal slip. Why do we go right for that juggler of what we “think” is not a great attribute on our bodies, even if it is a work in progress? I for one am going to toss any negative stuff that may pop out of my mouth about myself into the mental trash can.  I do not allow negative talk in my studio, and I will not be a hypocrite behind closed doors.  So, next time I complain about how my butt is not as lifted, and go for a squeeze of disappointment on the cheeks, I will slap my own backside for that behavior.

The journey of this life is to be our BEST self at every age, and joining the  50+ club now means my bootie will not be as high and tight as my twenty something beautiful backside daughter (btw … got it from her Mama J), but I applaud that I am happy with my body overall.  Sometimes I think it feels difficult mentally to grow old and more like an inability to believe or accept that it is happening.  We go through the process of living each day not thinking about what is going on with our bodies with each passing day, month, or year.  The reality is that we are all growing older and the changes that go along with that are not an option.  I am not counting the options of medical science elective processes that are chosen to hide what is happening with our aging process and let’s face it, minor elective procedures stop working or look absolutely ridiculous as the years add up.  In my mind I still feel twenty-something, but the mirror reveals a truth that sometimes blows my mind and I am sure many can relate to what I am saying.

It is not that I am being a negative Nancy about me or my body, but I do miss my younger self sometimes. I believe that is an OK feeling to have as long as it does not interfere with accepting the beautiful person that I am right now.  The years have gone by in what seems like a blink of an eye and that is what is so unbelievable.  I look at my daughter and see myself years younger and WOW, if that is not a reality check.  That is when the meaning of life and how generations are ready to step up and into the position of where I am hits home. It truly is a beautiful thing and growing older is an honor and privilege, but for many it is scary to face or accept.   It really is OK to say that I am fifty years old and that I am happy with my fitness level and body appearance. Loving ourselves right where we are is what starts the positive mental game process of improving and progressing.

Trashing who we are, verbally attacking our bodies, and feeling crappy or guilty about it is not a healthy way to live.  It is important to achieve the best health and fitness at every age and that is what matters in addition to being happy through the process.  No one enjoys being around a negative Nancy or Ned, and that can stop with each of us by holding our tongues and immediately changing our thought process to something positive when those negatives try to knock at our door. In fact, it is important to take it out of our door and right into the trash.

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Be well and Stay Healthy


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