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Last week proved to be the start of some sort of attack on my body that did not come quietly.  To say that I have been “bit by a bug” is really too nice of an explanation for the being hit by a train, elephant sitting on my chest, unable to breathe feeling I experienced.  Unproductive congestion and having to sleep reclined really sucks.  This past week I have had a date with antibiotics, menthol under the nose, head under the towel steams, and lots of food channel, HG TV, and rest.  I rarely get sick and so this took me by surprise, picked me up in the air and slammed me down to the ground.

I share this because there are times when a body should not be in the gym or even attempting to workout.  Not that I felt like lifting my body off the couch anyway, but even as I began to get better, my body was still in need of rest.  I am determined not to relapse and I am still dealing with residual congestion that is absolutely obnoxious.  Along with the congestive yuck came weight loss living off soup, crackers, and Popsicles and this body just does not look or perform at its’ best with a deficit.  This girl needed comfort food and hubby delivered with some of the best mac and cheese ever.  Illness requires different needs and care and I am a firm believer of listening to my body in all aspects. 

Another area that really hits hard during illness is frustration because I am not able to do the things that are in my routine.  I not only enjoy working out but interacting with my family and friends and this has really put a halt to all of that.  I am getting tired of hanging out on the couch coughing up non-productive phlegm balls.  In the scheme of life, I know that two weeks off is nothing, but when you are going through the process of illness, it feels like eternity.  I also think about how others have it much worse than I, and that brings any whining to a screeching halt.  I do have to give a big thanks to my husband who has taken the best care of me, and puts up with the occasional gripe session, not to mention having to listen to all this coughing. 

I will continue to rest and recover and return to work and the gym slowly.  It will be important to not overtax this already taxed body so that the healing process will continue.  There are times when exercise is not a good thing for the body as I shared earlier, and rest becoming the priority.  The “old” Darla would not have put too much thought into a relapse and placed the exercise importance over the rest, but thank goodness she is long gone, and an older and wiser gal is in the picture.  The overall point is taking the best care of us in this journey of life, and sometimes that means exercise has to take a back seat.

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