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Many of you may be in the process of reflection, but truly it is something that should be done on a daily basis, and not only when the New Year rolls around.  The word itself screams to take a look at me/you/us and speaking personally, I include all areas of my life and not just my physical well-being.  I imagine a big mirror in front of me and gazing into that, I ask myself…am I happy with the person that I am physically, emotionally and spiritually? If any of the answers come up as a big negative, it is time to implement a change to create a better, healthier ME.  It is hard to deny the things that need fixing when I am staring back at me waiting for the action to make that happen.  Of course, I can close my eyes, put the mirror away, brush things under the rug, and procrastinate and get to it later…or not, and well, just continue to live in denial. 

I am a mover and a shaker, and strive to change, progress, and become a better me today than I was yesterday and that takes a choice.  Sure, I could avoid those things that need to be done, because maybe I want to hold onto some sort of drama, negative feelings about the past, or circumstance and continue to play the “blame card” of this is the reason I am the way I am.  I have learned in this journey of life, that this type of thinking results in a life of unhappiness, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, and paralyzes the brain to make appropriate healthy life choices.  Honestly, this type of thinking creates a person that is not a joy to be around unless the company being kept is another negative person also playing the victim card of life.  It is so important in our life reflection to also look at the type of people we associate with, and I always ask myself…does this relationship nourish my soul and grow me in a positive way as a person?

Reflection is huge in the scheme of life and change for the healthy.  It should cause deep thought into living our passions, being real with who we are, and having the ability to share that with ourselves and others.  There is too much hiding behind the crap of excuses, circumstances, and laziness to change and I apologize if that sounds offensive, as my intention is to motivate and never discourage.  Sometimes, a draft of really cold air needs to slap us in the face and wake us up to the reality of what is going on in our own life, and hopefully that leads to taking a step further to change what needs to be changed.  Otherwise, we continue to go along living a “fake” life, hiding behind “out of our control” drama, negativity, and looking for validation for unhealthy habits.  What is even sadder, is enablement of this type of lifestyle…YES, there are those who feed into the ugliness of negative and validate the behavior which enables someone caught in this shit storm to continue living this way. 

Reflection also causes us to see our physical self in a way that makes us happy or not.  What it comes down to is me/you/us and the mirror, standing naked before the reflection and staring back at the image, we need to ask “do I LOVE what I see”.  It is important to always love yourself at every level of health and as long as steps are being taken to become a healthier us each day.  If the answer to the question is “no”, then what steps need to be implemented to change this?  Be honest here and strive for the happiness that you want, the health that you need and deserve.  If you tell me that you are happy in an unhealthy state and if I shared that with you…how would that make sense?  The point I am trying to make, is that we all have our best healthy-self hidden inside what may be an unhealthy body today, but that does not mean that tomorrow needs to remain the same.   Reflection requires that hard honest look and further to take the actions necessary to bring about changes that move us in a progressive healthy direction. 

Reflection is not a fad or temporary fix, but part of the process to make a LIFESTYLE change and create a healthy body that will be maintained for life. Reflection causes us to get into our “mental game” and start putting the puzzle pieces together of what is wrong and how does it get fixed.  It all starts with what is going on between the ears, and once the reflection is honestly accepted, and the feelings that go with that, then changes can begin to create a healthier person, and then that lifestyle change will create a reflection that we will be happy to know for a lifetime.

Enjoy a beautiful and healthy Happy New Year!!!!

Me and My Mom

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