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Suffering from Hormone Hell? Struggling with Your Weight, Sex Life, and Moods? Check out the Foods and Tips to Combat the Crap Caused by Peri-Menopause and Menopause

What Now?

So, you’re forty something and beyond and ready to make a change for the hormonal better.

Great! Every woman on the planet will suffer from hormonal changes, and as we age, the symptoms increase as our estrogen levels decrease.  

Now, what the hell do we do as we all experience our own unique changes that usually suck in a huge way, and we would love to toss in the trash.  Let’s get down and dirty and brainstorm about foods that may reduce symptoms, natural alternatives, and other ways to experience relief from the hormone party crasher.   Many of us are lost in the dark when it comes to hormones and what to do, and many times when our plug gets pulled during this process, we are left holding the chord saying to ourselves… what has happened…really??? And not realizing that the hormone party has begun.

Did I have you at hormone?  Then read on.

The first step is to realize that you are not going crazy, and now may be a great time to
head to the gynecologist for a full blood panel that includes your Follicle Stimulating Hormone Test, and a chat to discuss the symptoms that you are having.

Some of the symptoms caused by hormone horrors include mood swings, damn those night sweats, disturbed sleep, anxiety, loss of sex drive, vaginal dryness, inability to orgasm or struggle to get there, hot flashes, depression, food cravings, and weight gain.  What the hell is going on…this list would be enough to scare any woman into feeling overwhelmed about life, self, and pissed off that her ship has wrecked in the harbor, and now stalled waiting for some sort of miracle.  Unfortunately, when our hormones have gone crazy, it is necessary to take control of our bodies and begin taking steps to turn that boat around and get it sailing again.

Once it has been determined that your hormones are indeed the culprit of the crap, researching the best methods of relief that work for each woman is a great beginning.  There are foods, natural supplements, creams, hormone therapies and an abundance  of options to come to the hormonal rescue.  But the choices for relief may feel overwhelming and not knowing the right decision to make may seem difficult. 

Options, Options



Let’s start with the most natural way to start bringing our hormones back into some sort of balance.  Studies have shown that certain foods like watermelon and pumpkin seeds can boost our libido, and  eating foods containing fiber, antioxidant s, lean protein and healthy fats in our daily nutritional intake help set the stage for happier hormone balance in the body.  Check out Dr. Christiane Northrup’s  Hormone Balancing Food Plan on Food Matters for more detailed information.

Hormone Replacement

Bio-identical hormones and Hormone Replacement Therapy are two differing methods that can reduce the bothersome symptoms of hormone imbalance.  Bio-identicals have been termed “natural” and generally provided by a natural path or holistic doctor, whereas hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are prescribed by a medical doctor and in a variety of forms to include pills, creams, gels, and vaginal inserts that are not battery operated.  The "bio" route seems to be the most accepted by women trying to stay away from synthetic hormones and the belief is that the risk of cancer is reduced with identical hormones. However, hormone therapy is such a personal decision, with every woman experiencing different symptoms and side effects to therapy. Be an informed healthy person on the subject before jumping into the big ass pot of hormone relief. 

Creams and things

One of the worst symptoms of hormone imbalance is the “dry vagina” and that alone can send the libido tail tucked and becoming the forbidden area.  When it comes to being a female, trying to remain sexual, and feel sexy while our bodies are fighting our wants, can become an ongoing chore and we frantically search for answers to plump up, lubricate, and bring ourselves back to life in the bedroom.   Lubricants to the rescue! The store shelves are packed with all sorts of slippery glides that can make life in the bedroom much more enjoyable and stocking up can be a great idea once you have found your favorite.  Natural ways to lubricate down under can be done by massaging extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil directly on the labia, and in fact, extra virgin coconut oil works fabulous as a sexual lubricant, so bring that kitchen item into the bedroom ladies.

Opting out

Some gals sail through hormonal changes and choose not to partake in therapies and I for
one am happy for those healthy wonder women.  Some that experience slight symptoms may also choose to ride out the storm, and the great thing about our bodies as we go through this journey of hormonal change, is that we do have the choice.  

What women want and what we get
Women want to be women, to feel confident about their bodies physically and sexually, and when hormone hell tries to put a damper on her natural way of being, it is time to become an informed woman ready to make decisions and choices to maintain a healthy vibrant body for a lifetime.  Watermelon and pumpkin seeds, along with a great lubricant may become a best friend during this journey, in addition to a choice to use bio-identical hormones or HRT for relief and bringing the body back into balance.  Whatever choice is made, it is really all about living a quality healthy life in every way and not allowing the journey through hormone imbalance to take what is yours…a fulfilling and satisfied life.

Darla Leal, Contributing Writer
Nationally recognized and published fitness expert, master trainer, consultant and coach, Darla has been training clients in her private fitness studio for several years,  is a feature writer for Natural Muscle Magazine and has appeared in other publications and books.  When Darla is not coaching or consulting, she can be found in the kitchen creating and modifying recipes, her passion and therapy.  She also enjoys a nice glass of wine and dark chocolate with her hubby, and taking off on weekly boat trips during the hot summer months.  Darla is the In Your Face MOTIVATOR on her Stay Healthy fitness Blog and Facebook and has a passion to reach as many people as she can to adapt a healthy LIFESTYLE.  Her favorite book is the Bible and quote: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.” Her motto: Stay Healthy!

Thanks for stopping by my Blog, hope you enjoy the content, and if you have not become a follower yet, I would love to see your face on my friend's list.  If you are inspired, LIKE my entry, leave a comment and I look forward to responding! 
Stay Healthy~ Darla 



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